Postmodern Hybrid

Postmodernism has several faces... One debated issue is whether a single individual may have several different identities or not in our postmodern society. In our view, that depends on what definition of "identity" one uses. Still, today people may have more roles and functions than in the past...

What are you seeing here..? Perhaps features of a woman or a man.., a white or a black person.., a mannequin.., a consumer... or, why not, a verdigrised statue..? Maybe you are distinguishing something else..?

Are you seeing all the included parts at the same time, or not..? Do you let one or a few of these appearances dominate your view of this work of art..? Why..?

In both Postmodern Hybrid and NDE/REVA we are "playing" with different skin color layers... We are sending an anti-racist message. The skin is just a matter of millimeters...

If you imagine that the Postmodern Hybrid and the man in NDE/REVA knew each other somehow... In that case, what kind of relationship would they have..?

This photograph was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, June-August 2011. It was at the front page of the international magazine Independent Research Network in September 2011.