Untitled # 26

This photograph was published in the poetry magazine Post Scriptum, Kulturen, July 2011.

Human Geography

Human Geography is (in an alternative version) one of 14 artworks in the multimedia exhibition Carbon Footprints - with art by Unda Arte and music by Armand Gutheim - shown in Coimbra, Portugal, February 2013. The main theme concerns the environment and our lifestyle, explicitly and implicitly... This photograph was exhibited at Cabana dos Parodiantes, Portugal, September 2011.

Love on the Edge I

A homeless woman with a child... What are her eyes saying..?

As in other fine arts, the boundaries of the technology's rules may be explored in fine art photography. In this picture you find a flagrant example of this, accentuating the sense of disharmony... 

This photograph was exhibited at the Fiarte expo in Granada, Spain, April 2011. It was published in Macula Magazine, No. 14 (2011).