Is This a Man or a Woman?

If you want to test your own reaction..! It is late in the evening and the light is very obscure. Reflections and smoke create an illusion of wood surrounding his or her face. Is it a dream..? You can't distinguish this person's sex - this is what you see... He or she says, in a rather dark voice: "I'm looking for the nearest hotel." How do you react if you decide it is a woman? What if you imagine it is a man? The situation and the body language may be neutral in both situations... If your feelings are mixed, is that disturbing or exciting..? Is it annoying not knowing the sex? If so, why..? You can see the whole face in Untitled # 32. 

The Orchid Rivals

The struggle for power between two brothers was a recurrent theme, particularly in ancient and medieval history. Two species of orchids next to each other will compete... The orchid family contains up to 26 049 accepted species (except hybrids and cultivars). That is more than twice the number of bird species... Since it is spring - and it is possible to see only one person in the picture - this photograph is also a tribute to the Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, Carl von Linné. He laid the foundations for the modern scheme of binomial nomenclature. He is also known as one of the founders of modern ecology.

Untitled # 33

The Traveller

It's scary but interesting to meet homeless people, who previously had a life similiar to your own... Irrespective of  their past, the label "homeless" easily becomes their whole identity... In relation to people who can be considered as frightening, labels entail a distance, security and the satisfaction of feeling self-confident...

This photograph reached the final in Saatchi's international art contest, January 2011. It was exhibited at the Fiarte expo in Granada, Spain, April 2011.

The New Muslim Crime

The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Italy have laws – or are considering laws – against clothes that cover all of the face. Now it's France's turn to ban the public wearing of the burqa or niqab. The around 5,000 potential "clothes criminals" risk a fine up to 150 euros, or the order to attend "re-education". Critics say that the law stigmatizes Muslims, that Sarkozy wants to win voters back from Front National. The intensive debate last summer started when he wanted to cover up his scandals... The defenders assert that the veil is an affront to the principles of gender equality and secularism. Or is it rather a question of freedom of religion, of conscience..? Those rights are protected by European law...

Untitled # 32

This photograph was among the winners in MyArtContest's online competition, Group Art Show 2011. It was exhibited in MC Studio and Art Gallery, in Santa Ana, California, April 2011. It was published in Artist Portfolio Magazine, No. 2 (2011).

Untitled # 21

This photograph was one of the winning entries in Artslant's showcase No. 3, 2011. It was exhibited at the Fiarte expo in Granada, Spain, April 2011.

Integrating Nature

By 2050 there will be an estimated additional 3 billion people on earth - and 70% of the world's population will be living in cities. Now is the time to build more energy efficient buildings. The building sector accounts for about 40 % of the world's energy use. WBCSD's rigorous report (on energy efficiency) shows how energy use in buildings can be cut by 60 % by 2050. This will require immediate action to transform the building sector. The report states that necessary changes will not come through market forces alone. Thus, the key here is to put pressure on the building sector..!

Integrating Nature is (in an alternative version) one of 14 artworks in the multimedia exhibition Carbon Footprints - with art by Unda Arte and music by Armand Gutheim - shown in Coimbra, Portugal, February 2013. The main theme concerns the environment and our lifestyle, explicitly and implicitly...