We doubt that men are from Mars and women from Venus... Treating other people like individuals in everyday life, with empathy and insight, may seem so basic. It is also a practical tool against attitude problems, one of the layers of interpretation in Phantasm.

Portraying womens' bodies doesn't have to be problematic, in accordance with above. However, many women want to see larger women portrayed, representations for identification. Diversity, equilibrium... The objectification of men is common in photographs, but it occurs less frequently in paintings...

Further, the balance between stress and harmony, a state of mind, may be portrayed here. The person above may feel freer than the individual below. Occasionally, men obviously may feel that they are victims.

Could the artwork below picture a persona, a mask tearing apart... If so, is an elusive person lurking underneath – or is the mask a part of this person..?

The person below could also be a parent, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by musts. Some mothers and fathers share this experience, so how can that feeling be avoided?

Put in perspective, let's face a prisoner, a political dissident, who actually is trapped... Some political prisoners are behind bars without a sentence, without knowing for how long... In the end, many of our practical everyday problems remain futile luxury problems...