Triptych III

Perhaps you happen to live in a country with a, more or less, Christian culture? If so, let's presume, hypothetically, you didn't spend Christmas at home this year - and that plastic, pink Christmas tree wasn't ideal. What if your favourite dish tasted poison, your children were crying, Santa Claus was drunk, a storm took your electricity and you gained two kilos... However, all in all, it's better than losing your only child at Christmas... We know one of these afflicted couples. 

This work of art may also represent one, two or three violently wounded persons at Christmas. Can  you learn something here or not..? If so, what..? Taking Christmas less seriously or not..? Perhaps being more grateful for your Christmas or what you have - without any guilt, of course... Appreciation/meaning and well-being are undoubtedly intertwined..! Is it time to find a better balance between gratitude and working for new, interesting goals..? You know your own situation.

Take a look at the child again; suppose he or she is alive... As you can see, different techniques are used for the two halves. Why..? Who is the child - or the children..? What do the flames stand for, according to you..? If you ask us, the cross isn't in flames and it's not made of wood.

The person to the right is representing a woman from the 19th century. What is she made of..? Does she believe in God or not..? In this setting the frame is a postmodern experiment, i.e. the meeting between a woman from the past and new technology.

What is the man to the left representing in this context..? Does he believe in God or not..? There is a twist concerning the technique and the content. If you are discerning several different layers of interpretation, a suggestion is to really separate them. This may be important concerning the picture to the left. Especially if you reflect a little upon the title...