Curriculum vitae


- Four photographs and graphic design for books by Hjalmar Söderberg, published by The Sublunar Society.



- Thesis cover for Department of Applied Environmental Science (ITM), Stockholm University.

- 15 (original) photographs, a 28 page booklet and graphic design for the deluxe art portfolio Postmodern Substrata. Published by The Sublunar Society.

- 15 photographs in the solo expo Postmodern Substrata, at Gallerian Magnus Stenbock, Helsingborg, Sweden.

- Two photographs in expo at Gallery 3K, Old Town, Stockholm.

- Expo presented on national TV (RTP2) in Portugal.

- 14 photographs in the solo expo Carbon Footprints, at Casa das Artes, Coimbra, Portugal. A part of  The Photography/Multimedia International Meeting 2013.


- Two photographs in expo at The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.


- One photograph in expo at Cabana dos Parodiantes, Portugal.

- Two photographs at the front page of Independent Research Network, the U.S.

- Two photographs in MaCula Fanzine (No. 14), Mexico.

- Two photographs in expo at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

- Two book covers for King Ink Publishing, Sweden.

- One photograph in Art Portfolio Magazine (No. 2), the U.S.

- Two photographs in Lozenge Magazine (No. 2), the U.S.

- One photograph in My Art Contest's expo, Santa Ana, Los Angeles.

- 20 photographs in Fiarte's expo, Granada, Spain.

- Among the winners in two of ArtSlant's international art competitions (Showcase 3 and 6).

- Finalist in Saatchi's international art competition.

- Finalist in My Art Contest's international art competition.

- Five photographs in the magazine Post Scriptum/Kulturen (No. 1-5), Sweden.